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How does spiritual energy affect or improve our daily lives

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

This is a very broad topic of discussion, many people fail to realize the importance of energy in our daily lives and how it affects what we are able to achieve or accomplish throughout our life. To begin I'd like to explain an important fact about energy that is simple yet many seem to ignore. Every person, object, animal, and place has energy that is able to be transferred and absorbed. That sounds simple yet it is the deciding factor when it comes to living a stable good life. Many don't realize but homes, trains, cars, hotel rooms, keys, rings, candles, bracelets etc... all have certain properties of energy that is attached to it and absorbed in to them over time. I will try my best to explain how energy works or affects different objects to give you a better understanding so that you can be more aware of the affects different things have on your life. For example, you have a watch that you inherited from your grand father. The value of the watch is insignificant when it comes to energy but what has been absorbed in to it over the years is most important. Lets say your grand father received the watch from a girl friend who at the time loved him but the relationship ended in a bitter breakup where he cheated on her with her bestfriend and she was mad and cursing him the rest of her life (for 60 years). Little did he know the watch that he loved wearing so much was bringing him negative energy as she always thought of how she gave him that watch and he still hurt her. On top of that, your grand father lost jobs, had accidents, illnesses and many misfortunes throughout his life. All this negativity has been absorbed by this watch that he loved so much. Now after he past away, you inherited this watch and little did you know it came with a ton of toxic negative energy that is stored in to this watch. All of a sudden you, have issues with your relationships, friendships, lose jobs, feel sick, and your entire life turns upside down. You have no idea what is going on and live your life suffering in pain all because of the energy that is stored in this one watch. All your sufferings are now transferred in to this watch as well, and this time after you passed away it was sold to a pond shop by a family member and now the watch falls in to the hands of a complete stranger who will also begin to suffer as a result. As you can see from the above example, this is a very serious problem that can occur that you wouldn't even have a clue is happening. The same affect can happen on the positive side, lets say you received a bracelet from me as a gift, I wore it my entire life and I spent my days being positive, helping others, blessed by others for helping them and lived a life full of happiness. All of a sudden your energy after receiving my bracelet begins to shift and a lot of positive affects begin to happen to your life. There are positive and negative sides to every scenario but now you have a better understanding of how energy can affect your life. I am sure you have heard of people who purchased cars or homes from someone and their entire life turned upside down. After moving in they lost a child, lost a job, had accidents, have sudden illnesses and just non stop problems. Some notice a problem and hire spiritual healers like myself to help them clear the energy but others just struggle and unfortunately pay a heavy price. I had a client a few years back who purchased a beautiful vacant home and had a baby in the same year. The child would non stop cry whenever she was left alone in her room and neither the dog or the cat would ever enter the room. Years passed and the child would just wake up with nightmares, and do everything in her ability to get out of that room. Whenever the mother or father would lay in the room with her they would feel sad, irritated, short tempered and would always end up in a fight with each other. At first they thought nothing of it but when they would leave their daughter in any other room she would sleep through the night but that room would always wake up screaming. When they reached out to me and upon doing an analysis I noticed there was an energy in that room of a mother who lost her child in an accident and she would spend hours and hours crying for many years until eventually taking her own life. This energy does not disappear with just a paint job and new furniture. The walls have ability to absorb energy and in some cases even with strong healing work still posses certain attributes of the previous energy. You may wonder what must one do to avoid this type of suffering. Although it is impossible to avoid every single situation when it comes to energy, I do have a few tips that can help.

  • - Never wear someone else's shoes or hats.

  • - Have your home checked and blessed by a spiritual healer such as myself.

  • - Sage your home

  • - Try to avoid buying used cars if you can.

  • - Don't buy used jewelry or furniture.

  • - Everything including pets has energy (good or bad) so be careful getting pets from someone else that has bad energy.

  • - Having a crystal manually programmed for your home by a good healer is a must such as this horseshoe to insure you have protection from all evil.

  • - avoid friends who are negative.

  • - Try to buy everything brand new.

  • - Think positive and send out positive energy in to the universe.

  • - Pray to God

  • - Keeping your space clean and making a positive nice atmosphere is important.

  • - Donate to the poor and go out of your way to help others.

These are just some tips to help you in your journey, as with everything in life you must try your best and the rest will fall in to place. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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