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God and how black magic works

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

As a spiritual healer, I am always hearing questions from clients about black magic and how it relates to God or how does God allow something so awful to exist. These type of questions are truly important to ponder about because it helps to get a better prospective on how the creator manages the world and in the same time what you must do to properly live a good life. First step to understanding the universe and creation as a whole is to understand the value of free will that is given to all of humanity. God has created a beautiful world, everyone has ability to choose between good and evil. We are not talking about religion here, but simply stating universal facts of allowing someone to make choices and decisions in their life. Some people spend their life focused on themselves, their success, their family, and dedicate their efforts to helping others. Then there is others who focus on other people, fail at every corner and are envious of others. This envy that people have for the ones who live successfully sometimes creates desires to become evil and bring harm to others. People who resort to evil, take out their anger on others and instead of focusing on their own life they begin to spend all their time obsessing with the thought to hurt someone else. They hire witches, psychics, and black magic experts to perform black magic or dark magic on their enemies. The victims of black magic usually begin to wonder "why me", "why doesn't God protect me" etc... They resort to prayer and try everything on their own until they speak to a spiritual healer and begin their healing journey. Many times God does help, the attacks are reduced or you are led to a good spiritual healer. The universe still wants everyone to have the ability to use their free will, for both good and evil. It would defeat the purpose of having free will if everything that people do gets intervention from above without your input. There are other reasons that the universe brings suffering to some people, past life karma for example if you were an evil person in your past life time and hurt people for your own gain then in this life time you are paying the price and having non stop struggle and on top of that the universe allows for others to harm you spiritually with black magic, evil eye and physical damage as a repayment for past debt. Most people want to know what can they do to protect themselves from evil people that put black magic, evil eye or think badly of them. There are many ways to guard yourself from spiritual damage before it happens.

  1. Don't show off your successes to others.

  1. Limit your interaction with people who are jealous of you.

  1. Try to make friends that are not envious of you.

  1. Contact a spiritual healer to insure you have protection from your ancestors and angels.

  1. Pray to God.

  1. Meditate regularly.

  1. Sage your house weekly.

  1. Donate to poor people.

  1. Do something nice for someone else.

  1. Go out of your way to help others who are in need of your help.

  1. Take a spiritual bath or visit the ocean.

  1. Thinking positive.

  1. Trusting God.

  1. Wear Programmed crystal jewelry.

When you do everything above regularly it will help you live a better and healthier life. The biggest thing not to do is ignore things when life starts to show things are going bad. Thinking positive and having trust in God is important but brushing off issues such as constant bad luck can cause bigger problems in the long run. It is strongly recommended to get regular check ups of your life by contacting a spiritual healer. Ignoring and avoiding problems can lead to loss of finances, health issues, problems in your relationships, friendships and sudden accidents.

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