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Overcoming struggles in your life

As a healer I hear about the toughest situations that people go through and many times there are truly situations that feel as if there is no hope. I want to start by explaining who we are and why we are here on earth. Human beings were created as spiritual beings, meaning we are holy spirits created in the image of the creator and our physical body is the vehicle that we use to live here on earth.

Many people brush off the fact that we were created in the image of God, and think life comes, they achieve a few things and pass away. Even though many times it feels like the creator is very distant the soul itself knows its moral, spiritual and intellectual nature to not only be like the creator but also act and give to others earth. The journey of physical life is a very complicated one and each one of us comes here with a specific mission and goal set by the soul and the creator. It is different for every person and some people have a higher price to pay then others based on their mission and or past life or life on earth before this life. (The concept of reincarnation or rebirth is not easy to understand, I won’t get in to it much not to sway off our topic)

Life can be rough at times; everyone has their own issues and no two people or issues are ever alike. As a spiritual healer I can tell you first hand that there are situations in life that are absolutely unbearable especially when you are struggling alone without guidance or hope.

I am sure you’ve heard the saying, “in life you get dealt a set of cards, deal with it”. Unfortunately, that is never that is easy or simple to do. We are emotional beings, we want to be happy, to be loved, to be cared for, to be successful, to be respected, to be lucky and when we are lacking any of those things we begin to stress and fall apart in the process.

Life is challenging, there is no easy path to overcoming loss of a loved one, a heart break or a toxic relationship, financial losses, medical problems, just failures in general. All these things happen, everyone has set backs, everyone one way or another will experience one or all of these things.

So what is one to do when faced with one of these painful situations? I will list out my recommendations and give you my absolute best advice to help you in your life’s journey.

- Speak to a therapist or a life coach (I offer life coaching for different situations), accept that you have a problem and seek help from someone who has experience overcoming such obstacles.

- Have faith in God and believe in the concept of all is ultimately for the good. Sometimes losing that amazing job may seem like the worst thing that ever happened but then few weeks later you find an even better job with higher pay and less hours.

- Look for solutions, don't just give up and accept whatever you are receiving. Fight for your goals, but also know when to cut your losses and move on.

- Being an optimist is important in life, you cant be pessimistic or negative and expect something good to come of it. It is very important to always think positive.

- Get checked for any spiritual blockages, curses, black magic, chakra balancing or aura issues, I offer free readings for any blockages. Contact me to get your free 10 minute consultation.

- Stay busy, talk to family and friends as well as allow yourself time to heal, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to stay away from too much free time so you can avoid over thinking.

- If you had a painful break up or a toxic relationship don't talk about it 24/7, allow yourself to heal first. Make new friends, go out, talk to others and allow yourself to experience different people. The person you were with does not have a monopoly on your heart, there is always a competitor that will be better, you just have to try it. The biggest mistake people make is refusing to be open to change. The universe listens to every word we say and think, so think differently and you will achieve differently.

- The concept of acceptance, this is the hardest of all for many but is the most important. In a situation where you had no choice, the verdict has been decided and all that is left is to accept it. People many times are in denial, try to look for solutions, fight the truth, reject what is happening and in turn their life gets even worse. In simple terms, sometimes you have to just say to yourself "it is what it is, I am putting my weapons down and accepting my life and will make best of this".

- Many years ago I met a person who lost all their money, was faced with jail time and lost many years in the process. The person did not lose their faith, they fought and worked hard. Today they are again very wealthy and successful. Life has ability to take away everything and test your faith, its up to you to give up or continue fighting forward.

- Health issues are one of the hardest things in life to live with, no matter who you ask, the rich or the poor they will say "Thank God I have my health". What happens when you don't? That is truly the hardest test in this world to overcome. I am a huge believer in the power of miracles, I have seen many in my life and continue to see them every day within my clients. Don't lose hope, believe that God and his angels have ability to heal you. Pray for your doctors to find the issue, and never lose your faith.

- Losing a loved one is the toughest most painful things a person can endure. There is absolutely no easy way to heal from such a loss. Grief counseling, spiritual healing, communicating to your loved one through a medium, and just allowing yourself time is the only thing one can do. Accepting the concept that our time will come as well and we will also pass over to the other side is also a good way to think about when healing from a loss. Helping others, doing community service for others in pain is very helpful as well.

I hope I was able to help you in your life, if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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