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How does a black magic curse impact our jobs and businesses?

I am sure you have always wondered if you are living your life the way it was meant to be. There are many things and factors that can affect success when it comes to someone else trying to sabotage everything you are striving to achieve. Many times I am sure you find yourself looking at a co-worker, a competitor or even a family member who is successful and wondering with envy of why they are so successful. When these thoughts occur they bring negative forces to that person or entity. That person or business without proper spiritual protection such as an energy generator, necklace or a bracelet will end up paying a heavy price. I am sure you have experienced getting a promotion, winning the lottery, buying the right stock in the market, getting a pay raise, a new client, a large order, a real estate deal or a new venture and after telling a few people and being extremely excited about it something happens and the entire thing goes bad or you just lose money elsewhere to match the gain. These are very common things that happen because of jealousy and negative forces that are created using evil thoughts, spirits, ghosts, and dark magic. Here are some common signs to look for in your daily life to know if you are being affected by negative energies. Common issues:

  • - lost your job multiple times

  • - never get promoted or raises

  • - legal issues

  • - constantly fighting with friends & family

  • - repeat relationship issues

  • - surprise random expenses

  • - evictions

  • - accidents

  • - accusations

  • - making bad investments

  • - things breaking in your home

  • - car trouble

  • - loss of business

  • - health issues

  • - sudden death in family

These are just some of the things many people experience, I don't want to say that everything that goes wrong in life is caused by negative energy as we are humans and things do go wrong sometimes but if you are experiencing a repeat of things that can go wrong do go wrong this is usually due to negative energy and requires spiritual healing and protection. Many times the auric field that is around your body (a spiritual field that controls everything energetically) is supposed to attract good things to you but instead it starts to repel things away from you. The aura when properly balanced will not only make you feel better emotionally but also will make you feel whole and complete. Please contact me to have an aura reading or balancing service performed.

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