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How to become a positive thinker to achieve your goals

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Positive thinking in its most basic form simply means being hopeful that good things will happen in the future, not just in general but specifically in your own life. Positive thinking focuses on the ways in which you can change your negative thoughts to positive ones. When you think positively, you also tend to have an optimistic outlook on life, believing that the future will be good, that your career will be successful and that you’ll find love when you are ready for it. Positive thinking can also manifest itself in many different areas of your life, including the belief that even if bad things do happen to you, they won’t last forever and there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.

Positive thinking is an approach to looking at the world that’s focused on what’s right with it, rather than what’s wrong with it. While it may seem like magic, positive thinking doesn’t necessarily mean that you ignore life’s problems or pretend they don’t exist; instead, it means focusing on the positive aspects of your own life and taking action to make things better.

Practicing positive thinking will give you increased self-confidence and increased self-esteem, and will improve your outlook on life by making you happier and more satisfied with yourself and your circumstances.

Always have faith

Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook when things get tough, but having faith in yourself and your abilities is very important for maintaining a good mindset. If you believe in yourself, chances are you’ll think more positively about what’s to come. On the other hand, if you constantly doubt your skills or how far you can take something, that same situation will most likely seem gloomy. Focus on trusting yourself and believing in your abilities, which will lead to confidence and positivity—and hopefully success.

Positive thinkers trust that they can figure things out and make good decisions. When an obstacle comes up, they’re able to power through with their faith. They know it will eventually work out for them as long as they keep pushing forward. If you believe in yourself and your abilities, then you’ll be able to start generating some real results and making plans come to fruition. Once you build up your confidence, try your hand at meditating on a daily basis (like early in the morning). It’s a great way to start being more focused on positivity from within.

The more you become attuned to trusting yourself and believing in your own natural ability, the faster you'll learn how to tap into self-control and develop consistent habits of effectiveness. And once those core belief systems take know what happens next! That's right: not only do you begin attracting different outcomes but also - most importantly - YOU become someone new.

Practice gratitude every day

When you’re trying to cultivate a positive mind-set, it’s important to make gratitude a habit. That might mean keeping a journal and writing down three things you’re grateful for every day. Or, if that feels like too much, simply focus on practicing gratitude throughout your day (say, at dinner or during an exercise) and try to be present in those moments. It may sound corny but it really does work: By actively focusing on what we have instead of what we don’t have, we can reframe our mindset and experience more joy.

Trusting the universe/God to do the right thing

There’s a lot of responsibility in owning your life and trusting your destiny to the universe. A big part of positivity is relinquishing control. Of course, it’s important to trust yourself too, but sometimes you’ll need to trust other people, too. If you put yourself in God's hands, for example, you won't have to take responsibility for every little thing that happens; he'll handle that one out for you! It can be scary at first (and, honestly, it might not always be good), but it's worth trying.

Besides, there's something freeing about knowing someone else has got it under control. Trusting an intelligent universe will get you far: According to Law of Attraction principles, if we think happy thoughts and focus on our inner peace, we will attract things into our lives that will make us feel even better. This works both ways though—if we worry about things we don't want happening instead of focusing on what we do want, we'll just keep attracting more things into our lives that aren't what we really want.

Have you ever set out to do something, and then halfway through just stopped doing it? Sometimes, our minds will trick us into giving up because we lack trust. This may seem like an easy problem to fix, but if you’re not practicing trusting yourself and your instincts, you can make it hard on yourself. To give an example of what I mean by trusting: if I wanted to climb a mountain—but didn’t trust myself to make it—I wouldn’t climb it. Instead, I might start walking away from my goal or take another route that doesn’t require me to reach a peak.

Positive thinking means having confidence in ourselves, which helps us find ways to succeed at what we want to achieve. It also helps keep bad thoughts away because when you know you can do something, worrying about failure won’t help get there any faster! By staying positive, you get closer to reaching your goals each day; despite how small those steps are.

Achieving goals and success by working hard

If you want to achieve goals and success in life, you have to work hard. The saying hard work pays off isn’t just a platitude—the more effort you put into something, whether that means studying for a class or working a day job to pay bills, the better your chances of reaching your desired outcome. Good things come from putting in blood, sweat and tears—and if they don’t happen right away (or ever) don’t let it get you down. Effort and perseverance will be rewarded one way or another; if not immediately, then with time.

You can’t change outcomes by wishing them into existence, but you can control how much energy and dedication you bring to bear on achieving them. Positive thinking can help here by ensuring that when setbacks occur, they don’t stop us dead in our tracks. Achieving goals takes both motivation and realistic expectations: Don't set out to conquer Mount Everest if all you have are hiking boots. But do work toward conquering any goal you set for yourself by remaining motivated and not giving up until it's reached. It may sound trite, but positive thinkers know they'll ultimately succeed because there's no other option--especially since negative thoughts never seem to help anyway.

Checking for blockages

Most of us already have an idea of what keeps us from being happy, healthy and balanced. If you're not sure, take a step back and look at your life. See what you're spending most of your time doing - what do you dread or put off doing? Examine your relationships with friends, family and co-workers - are they meaningful to you? Look at your job - do you feel challenged by it, or does it feel like a burden in some way? Do something every day that relaxes or brings joy to your life - do it in a way that feels natural to you. That's when happiness will start to creep into other areas of your life.

When we bring more light into our own lives, it starts to reflect on everything else around us too. The best thing you can do for yourself is to make peace with who you are today; be OK with your strengths and weaknesses; accept where you are now; let go of thoughts about where or how things should be; live in accordance with how things actually are; release what doesn't serve any useful purpose (this could include people); embrace everything that makes up your unique self.

When you need to clear yourself of negative emotions—and open up space for new ones—you might choose to see a healer. This person can help by reading you energetically or by performing certain rituals that connect your body with natural energy flow. Seeing someone like that doesn't mean you're crazy; it's just one way of reaching out for support—the kind only another human being can provide.

Overcoming hardships with help of a spiritual healer

It doesn’t matter how much you try to avoid bad things, they will come into your life. That’s just a fact of life. It’s not always easy to deal with what comes your way, but it helps if you have faith in something bigger than yourself. Having faith allows you to let go of fear and allows you to work through what happens when facing negative situations. If you struggle with finding yourself in times of trouble, look for a healer that specializes in spiritual healing and let them help work through what is troubling you.

By letting go of that heavy burden, you can be happier in your day-to-day life. Spiritual Life Coaching can be great for building confidence and giving you better insights into who you are as a person. You don’t have to feel ashamed or scared anymore because there are people out there who want to help guide you along.

Having faith in something higher than yourself can give you strength and hope when nothing else works. Plus spirituality isn’t really about religion; it's more about embracing what's beyond our understanding so we can better understand ourselves. Whether you believe in heaven or angels isn't important -- what matters is that you believe God has plans for us all and we're all connected. Each of us has their own journey and roadblocks ahead -- we just need to remember we're never alone even though we may feel like we are at times.

Taking that first step might seem scary at first, but once you get used to opening up about your feelings, you’ll become more comfortable with talking about what is troubling you. There may be many ups and downs in life, but things will start to become clearer as long as you trust someone else with your well-being.

Without having these burdens weighing down on you, you can start to take control of your life again. Life isn’t perfect, but it sure feels good knowing that other people care about how you feel! These problems aren’t permanent so don’t forget to give yourself some credit for surviving everything so far! When it seems like all hope is lost, remember that every cloud has a silver lining; good things will happen eventually if you stay strong enough to make them happen. If you would like a free aura and chakra evaluation feel free to contact a spiritual healer.

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